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The best comedy send ups!

4 Apr

When shows or personalities becomes successful they are almost inevitably going to end up being mocked. From the football on Sky to The Cube on ITV, nothing popular is exempt from a little gentle comedy ribbing. Of course ‘best’ is subjective, but here are six that I think are contenders for that crown. Which one will take my number one spot?

6. Doctor Who: The Curse of the Fatal Death

Steven Moffat’s first Doctor Who gig was several years before the show returned to our screens full time, writing for this parody episode for Comic Relief. In the sketch the 9th Doctor, played by Rowan Atkinson, is locked in a battle with the Master, played by Jonathan Pryce, and the Daleks. His assistant (and lover) is played by Julia Sawalha (of Press Gang fame). My favourite line is “ooh it has three settings” which is wonderfully delivered. If you haven’t seen it before then check it out – it is sublime!

Yesterday’s blog post was about Matt Smith’s portrayal of The Doctor. Feel free to check it out!

5. Posh and Becks Shopping  – Alistair McGowan’s Big Impression

Alistair McGowan’s shows were a bit hit and miss. Often the impressions were poor and the comedy failed to turn up. One of two impressions to save that show were his Richard “Welcome back!” Madeley, and his David Beckham. The latter was always good comedy value too. In this sketch David and Victoria have been arguing. (Apologies for the poor sound quality!)

4. Star Wars Special Edition Edition – Dead Ringers

As I pointed out on the Tellybrain twitter page, Star Wars has been broadcast on television and therefore qualifies to be mentioned on this TV website. This clip from Dead Ringers cleverly spoofs George Lucas’ insistence to go back and tinker with bits of the original trilogy to make it more in keeping with the prequel trilogy of the 00s.

And if you liked that, why not check out this article about the best order to view Star Wars in?

3. Football Football Football – That Mitchell and Webb Look

David Mitchell publically doesn’t like football. He takes every opportunity to tell us so, on satirical news show Ten O’Clock Live, panel show Mock the Week, and on Would I lie to You? on which he is a team captain. It’s no surprise then that his send up of the over the top Sky Sports football adverts has such a sharp sarcastic edge to it. If only I could work out the subtext behind it…

2. The Cube – The Impressions Show

Jon Culshaw has some pretty amazing impressions under his belt (and some dodgy ones too) including Steven Gerrard, Tom Baker, and Brian Cox. By far my favourite though is his Philip Schofield impression. In The Impressions Show, Culshaw has made Schofield into a character obsessed by his own entertainment show, The Cube, and in this sketch when his co-host from This Morning, Holly Willoughby, comes round for dinner things get a little out of hand.

1.  The Apprentice – That Mitchell and Webb Look

David Mitchell has already featured in this list once, and guess what? He’s back again, this time with his sidekick Robert Webb. This sketch shows us the fictional beginnings of The Apprentice (which incidentally is on tonight at 9pm on BBC One ), from dodgy pilot to a eureka executive moment. This is my favourite sketch of the lot, and it is incredibly plausible! I hope you enjoy it. 

The Official The Apprentice website

Well, that’s your lot for tonight. How many of them had you seen? And do you agree with my choices? I’d love to hear from you so feel free to leave a comment below.


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